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READ A SONG© materials include songs that create positive attitudes towards literacy, including 24 Reading songs and chants and 19 Writing songs and chants. Reading Songs include simple, easy song lyrics designed to help foster the joy of reading in children.

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Reading Songs:

Are Verses Our Beginning, Middle
and End
Different Game Song Fiction Fun How to Be A Word Detective
I Can Read-Spell I Love To Read Is - At, This – That
(Looks at shorter words inside longer ones.)
Library Books Non-Fiction
Passing Characters from Our Books
(Helps with the term character.)
Position Song
(Gives practice following directions using position words.)
Read, Read
(Celebrates the joy
of reading.)
Read, Sing, Spell 
(Lauds these three skills.)
Reading Peanuts
(A way to acknowledge or review word learning.)
Reading Peepers (Chanted before or during a Reading the Room activity.) Silly Bull-Syllable Chant (Helps students remember this term and concept.) Singing Is Great The Story Began Verbs and Nouns
with s
Verbs in Action W Wubble You
(A fun way to help remember this letter’s sound.)
Where Is The Sound?

Which Genre? 
(9 New songs not on CDs)

  • Action/Adventure
  • Biography
  • Historical Fiction
  • Humorous Fiction
  • Realistic Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Poetry
Word Time You Shouldn't Call Conjunctions "Junky" Zzz  (Used when teaching that Zzz’s are often used in conversation bubbles to indicate a character is sleeping.)