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READ A SONG© materials include songs that create positive attitudes towards literacy, including 25 Reading songs and chants and more than 50 Writing and Language Arts skills and concepts songs and chants. Writing Songs include short, simple lyrics encourage children to have positive attitudes about writing and experience enjoyable ways to learn Language Arts skills.

Writing and Language Arts Songs:

Antonym Ants Capital Letters Start Sentences Cinnamon Synonyms Do Not Let
The Cows Out

Homonym Sets Song + 21 more songs, one for each listed in these homonym sets:

  • one/won
  • to/two
  • to/two/too
  • there/their/they're
  • ate/eight
  • where/wear
  • by/buy/bye
  • so/sew
  • through/threw
I Can Write -
I Love You
I Like To Write
In My Journal
I Love To Write
The Room

It Is Letter

It's Fun To Write Letters My Words Oh Alphabet Letters Opposites
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Special Pencils
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Question Marks?
Words On My Paper Wow! Exclamation Points Rock!
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