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Sight Words and High Frequency Word Songs Titles
These songs and chants help children happily learn to read common high frequency words by sight. Each word listed below is featured in its own catchy song or chant.

274 sight word songs and chants are now featured on a delightful 4 CD collection which totals over 4 hours and 15 minutes. The words are divided into 4 groups: CD 1 includes A-F words and has 77 tracts; CD 2 includes G-L words and has 60 tracts; CD 3 includes M-S words and has 73 tracts and CD 4 includes T-Z words and has 64 tracts. These CD’s should prove very useful to classroom teachers. They include instrumental introductions to the songs’ tunes followed by vocals allowing listeners to hear how the lyrics and melodies or chant rhythms fit together. They can be played on most CD players and computers. They are not intended to be used without the accompanying written lyrics.

Fold-a-chart and document camera sight word sets include one of these sight word 4 CD collections. READaSONG Super Sets and Deluxe Sight Word Sets include 2 of the CD collections in order to make sharing among teachers more convenient.

In order to keep prices reasonable and allow these CD’s to be included with READaSONG sight word materials sets, recordings were not done in a professional studio. Musicians and singers donated their time and talents. READaSONG’s creator and main vocalist Nancy Welsh wishes to thank all these generous musicians who supported this educational project.

  • Rick Welsh - guitar, vocals and recording editor
  • Alice Austin - keyboard
  • Jean Shockley - organ
  • Don Harbart - electric guitar
  • Keith Livingston - trumpet
  • Mary Rush - piano
  • A dear pianist friend who wants to remain anonymous
  • Nicholas Baumann - piano and vocals
  • Victor Baumann -piano
  • Jacquelin Baumann - cello
  • Susan, Mark and Kevin Edmondson - vocals
  • Mary Jane Livingston - maracas
  • Marie and Randy Lewis - vocals
  • Shannon and Tim Munnerley - vocals and maracas
  • Jim Shockley - vocals
  • Dean Shultz - mandolin
  • Frances Younger - vocals