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Click to enlarge.Color Songs and Chants Document Camera Ready and Class Collection Sets in color are printed on 8½ x 11 heavy paper and have large, colorful lyrics and the huge sight word printed in each color’s specific color on the other. Two pages of additional supplemental activities for the Color Word Songs are included in this set. This set is made for you to use to teach with a document camera or as is and then put in protective plastic sleeves and store in a binder as the songs are taught. The protective sleeves and binder are not part of the set.

The set includes songs or chants for all of the 15 words listed below:



Orange Rainbow  Tan
Blue Gray Pink Red  White
Brown Green Purple Silver  Yellow

Price: $22.00 plus tax, postage and shipping or *at no additional cost if part of some training packages.

ListenListen to Color Word Songs.

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*A combination of these sets are included in the cost of many training packages at no additional cost.