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READ A SONG© materials include songs that promote positive attitudes. Interaction Song Titles include Bully Prevention songs, Proactive Classroom Management songs and Routine songs, and Achievement Celebration songs. These songs and chants have been used successfully with students around the country in many grade levels. They have worked well in special area environments as well as in regular classroom settings. The songs have also been used effectively for transitioning times taking place throughout schools. An additional list includes Relationship Song Titles.

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Interaction Song Titles:

Are You Ready? *As Nice As Nice Can Be Attention Children Bilingual Can Read All The ________
Couch Potato Cough or Sneeze Carefully Do Not Give Up Friend *Do Not Interrupt Do Not Share Your Germs
Don't Lie Don't Put
(Classroom Hygiene
and Bad Germs)
Fire Drill Folder, Cubby And Bookbag Give Me Five
*Gold Medal Behavior Haircut Chant Homework Please I Can Use My Inside Voice I Do Not Want Your Germs
*I Will Not Be a
Line Bully
If You Make a Mess I'm Proud Out Loud Inside Voices Is Talking
It is For Girls and Boys It's Story Time Keep It Clean *Keeping My Body
Parts To Myself
*Line Up Politely Look At the Person Lose a Tooth? or other items (Spells lose) Lost Tooth Lunch Line Up
My Hands Like to Get Me in Trouble *Not a Word or
Body Bully
Our Room Outside Pizza
Permanent Tooth *Playground Manners Please Do Not Give Up Proud Put My Hand Up
Raise Your Hand Ready Run Outside or In Place *Self-Space She or He is a ____ Grader at School
Shoe Strings Don't
Bother Me
Singing Is Great Singing Readers

Sit Up and Pay Attention

Special K
Story Time Students and
Stuff In My Cubby *Talk and Listen *Thank You For Being Nice
Tie Your Shoe *Time To Think Today's Weather *Too Full Of Tattle Tales Tooth Pulling Story Chant (using hurt, start, pull, fast, out, clean, wash, bring, show, small, drink, done, cut grown, own)
Try Verb And Verb Waiting For the
*Waiting Is Hard Wake Up and Eat Breakfast
Wash Your Hands Water Fountain *We Are Going To Have a Good Day We Go To Kindergarten *Welcome To Our Class
*When Should You Be a Bully? *When Students Go
Down the Hall
*When We Do Not Agree You Can Tie Your Shoe You Were Born Day
Your Mouth Closed While Chewing        

A 2 CD set with 100 tracks plays all the social interaction, routines, classroom management and behavior, bully prevention, relationships and celebrations songs is now included with these materials. The recordings are tools meant to help teachers learn how tunes and lyrics go together.

*These songs promote co-operation and help create a positive environment where non-bullying behavior and inclusiveness receive positive attention.