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READ A SONG© materials include songs that promote positive attitudes. Interaction Song Titles include Bully Prevention songs, Proactive Classroom Management songs and Routine songs, and Achievement Celebration songs. These songs and chants have been used successfully with students around the country in many grade levels. They have worked well in special area environments as well as in regular classroom settings. The songs have also been used effectively for transitioning times taking place throughout schools. An additional list includes Relationship Song Titles.

These important but enjoyable songs were especially created to help students learn to be respectful, to build each other up instead of cut each other down, to transition smoothly between activities, to celebrate achievements, to reduce power struggles and to aid children in wanting to follow class and school rules. Teachers have found that these songs are helpful and also uplifting to themselves as well. They are user friendly tools.

The social interaction songs include nearly 100 songs addressing 3 overall issues:

These songs are available on a 2 CD set.

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