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READ A SONG© materials include songs that create interest and foster enthusiasm towards learning social studies, science and technology vocabulary and concepts. Several of the songs also encourage exercising and eating well.

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Antlers or Horns? Beat
(Heart beat)
Caterpillars in a Cup
(Written to go along with raising butterflies in class)
Classifying Creatures with Questions *Couch Potato (Encourages everyone
to get daily exercise)
*Don't Put 
(Hygiene song about not putting fingers up nose, in mouth, etc.)
Earth Day Every Day Float or Sink Frog Life Cycle Fruit Is A Snack
H-E-A-R-T Healthy Eating Needs In The Sky Junk Food *Keep It Clean
(Sharing classroom toilet)
Liquids Magnets Moth or Butterfly?

My Five Senses

Observing and Recording
Parts of a Flower Pebbles, ________ or Sand ? Picking a Project Planting Seeds Pollen
Really Hot or Not Remember With a Song Rocks Scientific Method Seasons
Seeds in the Soil Shadow Soil Solar Power Solid, Liquid or Gas
Spider or Insect Sugar in Foods *Today's Weather Trees *Wake Up and Eat Breakfast
*Wash Your Hands Water Changes: Solid, Liquid and Gas *Water Fountain We Can Look for Fall Leaves What Can You See In the Sky
What Color Will We Make? *Your Mouth Closed While Chewing Please      

*Note: These songs and a few more about germs are found in the READaSONG Social Interactions, Classroom Behavior and Management sets, NOT in this Science and Social Studies set. However, if you own the Social Interactions set, you have permission to copy these songs and keep them with the science set as well, if that would be helpful to you. Most teachers use them for classroom management and to re-enforce routines, but they could also be used for mini science lessons.