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READ A SONG© materials include over 70 skill and concept songs and 14 Number Word Songs for Zero-Thirteen.

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Math Concept Songs:

1 Leads the Teens 1, 2 and 3 Flat or Solid and 3D? 12 and 21 Adding Adding Are They The Same
Shape And Size?
Backwards Birthday
(1 less than)
Cone Song Count by 2's Count by 5's to 100 Count by 10's to 100 (or 130)
Crescent Cube Song Cylinder Eating Subtraction
Even 20 is Even
(Helps young children remember not to say “fiveteen")
Four and Forty Confusion
Go For 30
(Encourages children
to count to 30)
Honeybee Hexagon How Many Tens and Ones (in 2 digit numbers)
How Many ____ Than? (fewer, less, more, greater) Large, Medium
or Small
Little, Big or
Medium Song
Odd Team One Hundred Percent
One Less One Less Than (A subtraction song) One More Than Oval Song Patterns (2 levels)
Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter Pigs in a Line Positions in Space,
Put Numbers in Order (Sing while putting
20 number cards in order)

Rectangle Rectangular Prisms Remainder or Difference Rounding Money Rounding Down
Rounding Up Same Game See the Sequence Sets: Get Ready, Get Set, Go Sphere
Square Song Subtraction Bowling Subtraction Chorus Trapezoid Try the Triangle
(Relates the
shape and musical instrument)
We Can Add Tens and Ones To Make Teens We Can Measure We Look for Ones and
Tens in the Date
We Made A Graph We Skip Count By 2's
What Hour Is It On the Analog Clock? What Hour Is It On the Digital Clock? When a Number Decreases When a Number Increases When Do We Say 30 To Tell Time? (analog)
When We Add(Introducing the term "sum") Where Oh Where
(Sing while sorting objects into piles or sets)
Whole to Fractions Zero or None  

*Sight word songs include Number Songs for spelling Zero-Ten.