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READ A SONG© materials include songs that model and teach positive behavior and attitudes. See Social Interaction Songs for more songs which may prove useful in this area.

Throughout Nancy Welsh's early childhood teaching career she noticed that children often resort to bullying behavior when they feel left out or excluded. Sometimes this is due to a lack of certain skills, such as having limited use of language and not being able to keep up with more verbal classmates. Often, however this is not the case. Nancy used many songs to teach her students to accept and seek each other out. She encouraged them to be aware of loners and new students and to invite them to join activities or play opportunities. She praised their positive efforts and it usually worked.

Another group of students that sometimes resort to bullying are first born children with two or more younger children in their families. They may be called upon to help with their little brothers and sisters at home. This may lead to them bossing their siblings or using physical actions to get them to comply. When these students come to school for the first time, they may try relating to their peers in the same manner as they have learned to deal with their younger, smaller siblings.  Many times this includes inappropriate physical actions, such as using their bodies to force classmates to give them more self space or a “better” place in line or at the table or carpet.  Pushing, shoving, blowing breath in faces, biting, kicking and other undesirable classroom behavior can occur. Again using songs proactively, right from the start of the school year to model and teach acceptable, commendable behavior may prove helpful. Click on the links below to listen to audio samples.

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Bully Prevention Songs:

As Nice as Nice Can Be

Do Not Interrupt

Gold Medal Behavior I Will Not Be a
Line Bully
Keeping My Body
Parts To Myself
*Kind Line Up Politely Not a Word or Body Bully Playground Manners Self-Space
Talk and Listen Thank You for Being Nice Time To Think Too Full Of Tattle
Waiting Is Hard
We Are Going To
Have a Good Day
Welcome To Our Class When Students Go Down the Hall When We Do Not Agree When Should You
Be a Bully?